Industries Applications Recommended Pressure (Bar)
Aluminium Plant Hardened Baixite dust on mills, Filters, Floors, Tanks, Sumps and Sewers. 350 - 2800
Aviation Expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluids on runways. 690 - 1400
Breweries Yeast, sediments and fermentation Residues on vats, pipe and Facilities. 200 - 2800
Cement Plant Remove dirt, grease and product build up on grates, floor, external piping, bins, walls, hopper cars and handling equipment. 200 - 690
Chemical Processing Chemicals from boiler tubes, tanks, valves, evaporators, heat exchangers, tube bundles, vessels reactors and storage tanks 350 - 2800
Construction Concrete demolishing, exposing steel-bars, cuttting concrete and steel bars. 350 - 2800
Distilleries Cleaning of heat exchanger, boiler tubes, vats and pipe lines. 600 - 2800
Food Processing Grease, fats, oil and dough from ovens, mixers, conveyors and facilities 200 - 1000
Foundries Removal of deposits, metal oxidation, ceramic & sand core materials for casting 1000 - 2800
Highway Maintenance Cleaning of grease, vegetation, mud tar, cement or asphalt on vehicles & Machinery. Removal of expansion joints, paint strips and concrete demolishing on road bridges. 350 - 2800
Marine & Offshore Removal of marine growth, barnacles, paint and rust on ships, deck, hull and ballast tanks. Oil platform storage tanks, boilers, cold cutting, underwater blasting, pipe cleaning, paint and rust 500 - 2800
Meat Packing Cleaning of grease, fats, blood on conveyors, pipes and drains 200 - 690
Metal Processing Mill scale, rust and weld slag from new vessels, tanks and pipe 1400 - 2800
Military Cut & explode mines, decontamination of shells and cutting cordite. Cleaning of machinery & Vehicles 200 - 2800
Mining Pre - maintenace cleaning of dump trucks, drag-lines, underground haulage lines and shafts. Unclog plant machinery due to coal, rock dust and oil. 300 - 2800
Municipalities Sewers, drains, pipe lines, sanitation, refuse vechicles and reservoirs 200 - 2800
Oilfield Remove crude oil residues from oil tanks, removal of drilling mud and cement from drill-pipes, remove paint coating and rust on pipes, ladder tanks and walkways. 600 - 2800
Petrochemical Remove of carbon, residues in heat exchangers, soft polymers, boilers, tanks, reactors, cooling towers and general water blasting. cold cutting and surface perparation. 350 - 2800
Pharmaceutical Cleaning of chemicals from pipes, kettles, tubes, heat exchangers, reactors, filters and evaporators. 600 - 2800
Pipe industry Removal of rust and varnish prior to re-coating, grease eand oil from pipe threads for inspection, drilling mud and debris in various pipes 600 - 2800
Power Stations Nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules,skips, cold cutting, flash from pre-heater tubes and equipment. Clean debris and contamination from pool. 690 - 2800
Public Utilities Reactors and insulators, boiler tubes, vechicles and machinery 350 - 1400
Mills Cleaning grease, oil, pitch dirt and wood pulp from heat exchanger tubes, foundries, liquor press sections of paper machines, suction rools, stocj chest and lines 350 - 2800
Railroad Gypsum, potash, cement line cars, remove grease, dirt and deposits in truck, undercarriage and tank cars. Removal of oil and materials from tanks, remove paint, rust and cement. 350 - 2800
Refineries Wax, paraffin, grease and crude residues, water scale, coke, hard carbons and polymers in heat exchangers, pipes, tubes and tanks. Remove paint coating and rust. 600 - 2800
Rubber Process Latex, SBR and water scale in reactors, storage tanks, heat exchangers, tubing and pipes. 600 - 2800
Steel Mills Water scale, coke, ore or lime in heat exchangers, flues, boilers and open hearths, furnaces and hoppers. 600 - 2800
Surface Preparation Remove Paint, rust, refractory build-up, salts, concrete and marine growth. 500 - 2800

Note : The pressure indication should only be taken as a guide line.